Week 2- Here We Go


The Greatest Salesman in the World                                                                                               by Og Mandino  

So far I am really digging this book.  It’s more of an exercise than a reading.  I am reading the first scroll three times per day.  I like reading the paragraphs aloud even though it is suggested that I read the assigned chapter in silence first thing in the morning and again after lunch, then aloud at bedtime.

The phrase:  Failure no longer is my payment for struggle, threw me off at first, then I figured out that to me it means SUCCESS is NOW my payment for struggle instead of failure…Ah ha.  I reject failure because now I am prepared to accept the wisdom and principles that will be presented in these scrolls.

The Master Keys -Part Two

 In Part Two the conscious and subconscious minds are discussed.  I learned that the subconscious mind makes all the decisions.  The value of the subconscious mind is greater than I had any idea (at first).  The subconscious mind controls and regulates our heart and our lung functions for example.  It never rest or sleeps.

The Subconscious mind (the Subby) is much larger than The Conscious mind.  The Subby is the equivalent to the size of an elephant and the Conscious mind that of an ant.  Although,  the Conscious mind is deemed  “The watchman at the gate” because basically the Subby “listens” to the “Watchman” unconditionally.

So using the power of auto suggestion, the Subconscious mind receives any submissions as true. We are employing “Chore Cards” this week in order to start training our Subconscious mind with positive easy to medium achievements.  However, the “Subby” never sleeps, never rest unlike the “Watchman” that is “off guard” at times. I am learning how better to manage this powerful “Watchman”.

Chore card

Week 1 – Blast Off again again

Week one of my Master Keys Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) adventure is under way again again.


I’am back ! I am here to sharpen the saw and expand my horizons further.  Looks like I am going to be working and having fun with a variety of supplies: 300 3×5 index cards, colored pencils, two 3-ring binders, 2 copies of the original The Greatest Salesman in the World, a Twitter account and a blog.

The first thing that I learned about myself is that I am a “BLUE”. Blues are touted as loyal friends, employers, and employees. We Blues are also dependable, thoughtful and analytical. Apparently, there are three other personality types- Greens, Whites and Reds. For a free personality test visit colorcode.com 

“My Take on Week One”

So week one has been a lot about getting organized and expanding my learning curve with regard to technology.  I had to edit my MKMMA Blog and check on my Twitter account.  I set up two 3-ring notebooks by printing: The Masters Keys,  Master Keys Workbook and Week One Webcast notes.  Next, was hand writing the Blueprint Builder exercise and reading Desire:  The Starting Point of All Achievement from the workbook via excerpts from one of my favorite books:  Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  I learned that in essences our Blueprint is an culmination of our habits.  In order to rewrite our Blueprint we have to replace the old habits with new good habits.  More content to come as I discover more about replacing old habits and Blueprints.  There are two examples of DESIRE being the starting point of achievement that stick out in my mind.  The first is the story of Edwin C. Barnes and his unwavering commitment to not just work with Thomas Edison,  but to become the business associate of the great inventor.  Second, is the inspirational movie RUDY about a young man’s burning desire to play football for the University of Notre Dame, despite his rather small physical stature.