Week 4- Watching the Watchman


The Greatest Salesman in the World                                                                                               by Og Mandino  

The “watchman at the gate” in essence, is the Conscious mind keeping an eye on what is delivered to the Subconscious mind .  So taking baby steps I crossed out all the words “will” in The Scroll Marked I. Therefore, now I am deciding what to read and what goes into the Subby via me directing my Conscious mind. I have this gratifying feeling of control knowing that I AM creating and designing my life.

I read some where that Mother Teresa said one time that she would never attend an anti-war rally, but that she would be more likely to attend a Peace rally.  The “watchman” is still feeding the Subby the visions of war with the term anti-war.  Just like, when I ask you not to think of the Statue of Liberty, you instantly think of the Statue of Liberty.  The logic of Mother Teresa and her Peace rallies makes sense to me now. 

The Master Keys -Part Four

Part four starts out discussing the “I”. The “I”, strangely is something that I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer explain on a PBS program several months ago.  So my interpretation of the “I” is that the “I” represents that every present energy or power that is always with me—it is ME. When we do self talk, most of us say things like: I go, I think, I run; the “I” tells the body and/or mind what to do. Some people think of it as GOD. It’s in you…always there. The question might be: Are we all connected ?  

One of the strongest affirmations is: I can be what I will to be”. Mom used to say “ you can do or be anything that you put your mind to”. Funny thing, I don’t think that Mom had time to study Philosophy. How was she so wise?…hmm.

Some vocabulary:                                                                                                                                         DMP- Definite Major Purpose (more detail than goals)                                                              PPN- Personal Pivotal Needs                                                                                       




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