Week 5- Captain Chris


The Greatest Salesman in the World                                                                                               by Og Mandino

I learned a long time ago during my jogging and coaching High School Cross Country days that for me good habits are the key to success. Habits/ routines helped me stay organized. I think most people would agree that being organized is key. I found after jogging for about 10 days it became a habit and due to my perceived “investment”,  I didn’t want to stop. Remember perception is reality. I am reading The Scroll Marked I three times a day. Hence, I am nurturing this reading habit and becoming it’s slave…in a good way.   There I go again – I can’t stop this routine , I have too much time and effort invested… Yea !

The Master Keys -Part Five

We possess our mental life which is made up of our subconscious and conscious minds. The subconscious never sleeps and what ever the conscious mind directs it to do is accepted . Like a captain of a ship the conscious mind guides the subconscious mind without question.  Most people that I know do not  realize this. What I am learning is to be aware and mindful of what I “feed” my subconscious mind, which by the way, makes all the decisions. Feed it worry, fear, anxiety negativity and doubt and that is what will manifest.   Feed it courage, confidence and optimistic positive thoughts and that is what one will get. There is an old saying in the Computer Community: GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.

An A ha moment:…I get to feed it what I decide and desire.  How powerful is that ?

Don’t let your ship drift aimlessly. 

I can be and I am the Captain of my World Within.

Some vocabulary:                                                                                                                                         World within- Subconscious.                                                                                                                   World without- Conscious

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