Week 7- Can You See Me Now ?


The Master Keys -Part Seven

My take on this weeks topic of Visualization.   Visualization is the process of formulating mental images or actions usually with one’s eyes closed.  Seeing is believing…or is it ? Many years ago, I read two research stories while taking a psyche class in college that obviously stuck with me. The first story was about research involving basketball.   There were three groups:  Group A went to the gym everyday for thirty days for 30 mins. This group shot foul shots.   Group B sat for the same time with eyes closed and visualized shooting and making foul shots. Group C was the control group and just went about their normal everyday business.

When the thirty days were complete the three groups were brought to the gym to test how many foul shots each group could make in thirty mins. Low and behold, Group B on the average successfully made almost as many foul shots as Group A that actually physically practiced in the gym . Group C did terrible. In the second story, a prisoner of war practiced in his head visualizing playing a round of golf on a particular golf course for several years. When he was finally released he went to that golf course and achieved an outstanding score !

In conclusion, The subconscious mind does not care and/or know if something is “real” or an image in the mind.  Focus on the things we want and bring them closer to us instead of the things we don’t want.  Close your eyes for 15 mins. a day or so and visualize what you want that is important. For example your DMP and PPN’s.

“You can be what you will to be”—funny thing because over 40 years ago Mom said “You can be whatever you want to be”.  How was she so wise ?

 Some vocabulary:

Visualization- The process of making mental pictures.

Idealization- A process of visualizing or idealizing the plans that will eventually materialize.

DMP- Definite Major Purpose.

PPN’s- Personal Pivotal Needs.

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